So after two weeks of hearing absolutely nothing from Robert, he finally sends me an e-mail. When I sent out new pictures of Robert Lee I included him on the e-mail list, in his response to me he asked me if I was trying to hurt him and make him hate me more by sending him pictures of our son. Yes, that's right he said he hates me!

He sends me another e-mail today saying that he wants to take Robert Lee next weekend. When I read that my brain screamed NO! I am just so scared to trust him with my son. With the way he was acting the last couple of weeks before we left I just don't see how I can trust him enough to be responsible enough to take him for the weekend. I know that he is his dad and that he loves him but I am just scared that if I let him take him that I wont get him back. I'm sure that he said it in anger because it was said when we were in an argument but he told me that if I left him that he would take him away from me. Now that I think about it, that is a major reason of why I stayed with him for so long even though things were really crappy between us.


Sarah said...

oh no,,that's horrible,,i would completely trust your mommy instinct,if your brain is screaming NO listen to it! You don't have to let him see Robert Lee until you have a custody agreement and child support in order,from what i understand,,otherwise if he took off with RL,lord forbid it, there's really nothing you can do,,a "husband" can't "steal" your child..good luck

Learning to be a wife and a mom at the same time said...

I told you on the board that my gut says no.