It's Friday!

Although it's not like it really matters to me since everyday is a weekend day for me right now. I can't wait until my car is fixed so that I can really go job hunting. I am so not the type of person that can stay home all the time, I get bored and start down the depression road too easily. With all that has happened in the past couple of weeks, I was well on the road to depression already.


Sarah said...

i know how you feel,girl,,I have to be out of the house at least a few times a week,or i start getting down and fun for anyone involved! whoever said being a stay at home mom was easy,must have been a man!ha! maybe going outside and playing with your lil man for a little bit everyday will make u feel better,,,good luck job hunting and feel better~!

Christina said...

I am not cut out to be a SAHM, I need to work. Hopefully the work that my brother did on my car today will be atleast a temporary fix so that I can get out of the house. I haven't really taken the baby out of the house because the wind has been horrible. When we left Wickenburg he was on antibiotics for an ear infection so I an trying to keep him out of the wind as much as I can.