Frustrating & Stressful Day!!!!!

I have finally finished filling out the custody paper work and am just waiting until my pre-filing appointment on 10/15. I have barely just started this process and I am so ready to be done with it! I hate the stress that this is causing for me.

I was completely freaking out this morning after talking to Robert, so much so that I was hyperventilating and almost hysterical. I sent Robert an e mail in response to him wanting to take Robert Lee for the weekend. In the e mail I told him that I thought that it would be a great idea for him to come up here to see him but that he couldn't take him for the whole weekend. In response to that he told me that he would be up here Friday evening with the police and that they would make me let him take Robert Lee. I know that he is saying that crap because he thinks that I am some spineless person that is just going to bow down to him and let him do whatever he wants, because I used to be or so I let him think I was. Intimidation is totally his game! And, I am not falling for it!!! This smart momma called the Flagstaff PD and talked to an officer. I told him what was going on and asked him if it was possible for Robert to take the baby and the officer told me that unless there was a court order for custody, there was no way that they would let him take the baby out of my custody. He said that because we were never married that he really doesn't have any rights right now when it comes to visitation. Whew!! What a relief!! I was finally able to breathe again after hearing the officer say that.

I am very curious to see if he will show up or not. If he does then he will be surprised that I will actually have the guts to call the police on him. The momma bear in me is starting to come out and all I have to say to him, is watch out because I am not going to take anymore of his shit!!!!!


Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...

That is awesome news! You do whatever you need to keep Robert Lee safe.

Sarah said...

GO MOMMA! keep ur lil cub protected!I especially wouldnt want him alone with rl if he's back on drugs **shudder**