I found out tonight that Roberts new "girlfriend" has a picture of my son on a website. I am so extremely pissed right now!! What F'in right does she have to post a picture of MY SON? I am so disgusted right now!!

No matter how pissed I am though, I WILL NOT CRY!! I will not waste any of my tears on this asshole who obviously has many issues.

He is so sick in the head it isn't even funny. I cant believe that I am going to say this but I actually feel sorry for him, he is pathetic! Who the hell in their right mind gives up a beautiful son and someone that would have loved you till the day you die for someone that they don't even know?
I just don't get it!


Karen mom to Aaron said...

men can be so stupid and this "girlfriend" probably thinks its cool that he has a baby. And he has probably told her all kinds of lies about how you wont let him see his son.....

Lisascraftroom said...

Didn't know he had a new GF. Actually we haven't talked to him in a long time. I'll have to write to you on what happened. We want to get our horse stuff off his property but, not sure how to do this as he probably won't let us on the property or he probably sold it which would be sad as I spent my money on it and the horses water tank was brand new! We bought it when we moved the girls there. Any hints on how to get this stuff from him???