Child support papers have been filed

I got a call this morning from a case worker asking if I could come in today because we may qualify for emergency food stamps. So I go in to my appointment and the case worker tells me that I am also qualified to receive cash assistance since I have no income right now. OK that's great since the reason that I haven't looked for a job is because Robert has threatened to take RL from me and I feel that until I file the custody papers I should stay home to keep my son safe. One of the conditions to receiving the cash assistance is that I have to go and file with DES child support. I have been going back and forth about filing for support since I know that I will never see a cent from Robert given his track record with not working. Thankfully though I am glad that the decision was taken out of my hands!

I cant wait until the custody papers have been filed and the decision made so that I can feel safe leaving my son so that I can go back to work! I am going stir crazy from staying home every day. I am so afraid of the threats that Robert has made that I am pretty much just staying home these days unless I go somewhere with my mom. I am just not a person that was cut out to be a stay at home mom! I need to be able to get out and talk to other people, I need adult interaction!!

I really hate to be in a situation where I need food stamps and cash assistance but my son and I need to eat and its completely unfair for me to expect my mom to support us, she has her own bills that she is responsible for. Oh well, I guess I can take comfort in the fact that this is not a permanent solution, just a temporary help so that we can get back on our feet again.

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Karen mom to Aaron said...

I am really happy to hear you are getting the help you deserve!!! I remember when i was on bed rest for 3 months when i was pregnant with aaron. My sister in law came once a week to clean my house. She mopped the floors unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. It was really hard to lay on the couch and watch someone else do your chores. I know this isnt the same as food stamps and cash assistance, but it felt big when i couldnt work and we were so strapped for cash and all I wanted to do was get ready for my new arrival.